Emergency Exam Fee $65

Your pet may need medical attention during hours that your regular veterinarian is closed. Sometimes problems arise that simply can’t wait for attention until your regular doctor is back in the office. That is why we are here. We are here to help.

Emergencies are always stressful and are made even more difficult when you can’t see the vet and staff that you know well and trust. We realize this and will always strive to provide both you and your pet with the most compassionate care available and make your experience with us as positive as it can be.


We have had to take our animals to an emergency vet in the past.  While our past experiences at other clinics weren't unpleasant, we found the staff there to be less caring than was our experience with you at your clinic.  Anastasia was seen in a timely manner and we felt that she was cared for in not only a very efficient and competent way but also a very loving way and we really appreciate that.  We also appreciate the follow up phone call to check on her and that you communicated with our regular vet.  We have not had that experience with other emergency vets.  We also appreciate the fact that you are affordable.

Thank you so much!  Jan

Jan H

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